Drives around Broken Hill

The Broken Hill Heritage Drive

The Heritage Drive starts at the Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre. It is about 40 kilometres long and can be completed in 2 to 3 hours excepting stops for museum or galleries. You can purchase the downloadable ebook guide and follow the trail on your device.

It is divided into two parts -Trail Numbers 1 to 65 cover the main residential and commercial areas of Central and North Broken Hill. The second part comprising Trail Numbers 66 to 118 starts on the Menindee Road and includes the line of lode from the old North Mine to South Broken Hill and Railwaytown. The Trail gives visitors an understanding and appreciation of the history and development of Broken Hill by highlighting the city’s rich and unique heritage of major buildings, residential areas and mines.

The drive can be shortened if required by eliminating the central commercial area and the central line of lode – this can be done by leaving the Visitor Information Centre and proceeding north up Bromide Street until reaching Trail Number 26 just before Wolfram Street. Another shortcut leaves out the residential area. Take the drive.