Culgoa National Park


Culgoa National Park is approx 100km north-east of Bourke and 100km north of Brewarrina.

Culgoa National Park has the largest intact coolabah floodplains in New South Wales. The Culgoa NP boasts gibber plains, claypans, lakes and dunes and woodlands of gidgee.

The central feature of Culgoa NP is the Culgoa River, fringed with tall river red gums. The Culgoa floodplain NP in Queensland adjoins the NSW Culgoa NP.

Culgoa is in Morowari Country with the local community of Weilmoringle having close ties with the park and the historic Aboriginal settlements.

Pastoralists settled in the area in the 1850s and today the park encompasses eight former pastoral leases.


Wildlife includes mobs of red kangaroos, western grey and eastern grey kangaroos. Emus are a common sight. Approx 170 species of native birds that include a variety of parrots and waterbrids. Reptiles and amphibians are abundant. Other wildlife include the Australian bustard, koala, stripe-faced dunnart, freckled duck and the brolga.


Contact the Bourke NPWS office for further information.


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